Activitites for children

Budapest’s best activities for the whole family

Baths and Waterparks

The many baths and waterparks of Budapest and rest of Hungarys

Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries ranging from paintings and sculptures to historic and scientific exhbitions

Theatres and Cinemas

Theatres and Cinemas in Budapest with English speaking performances or subtitles

Zoos and Circus

The many wildlife parks of Budapest and rest of Hungary, as well as, its national circus

Parks and Streets to stroll

Where to have a nice walk inside the centre of Hungary

Bookshops and Libraries

Bookshops around the city and public libraries you can visit

Music Festivals

Concert locations and main festivals of Hungary

Restaurants and Buffets

Where to go if you want to eat out and try different cuisines

Bars and Pubs

Bars, pubs and ruin pubs of Budapest for a night out

Coffeeshops and Teahouses

Places to visit for a relaxing cup of coffee or tea in Budapest


Hobby classes and courses

Free time activities, hobby classes and courses Budapest can offer