Music Festivals

Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Europe celebrated every year in August in Budapest on the Óbuda-sziget.

The week-long festival features a good mixture of music genres, such as, rock, pop, indie, reggae, heavy metal and more.

Telekom Volt Festival

Volt Festival is popular pop music festival held every year in Sopron since 1993.

The festival showcases a wide variety of different genres including rock, electronic music, jazz and many more.

Balaton Sound

Balaton Sound Festival is one of Europe’s largest electoronic music festivals celebrated every year at Lake Balaton.

Co-created by the organisers of Sziget Festival, Balaton Sound is a huge event full of Hungarian and international artists, food, drinks and many activities.

EFOTT Festival

Mostly popular amonst youngers, EFOTT is a big music festival held in Velence every year.

Apart from enjoying the music many Hungarian and international artists, you can participate in activities like beach football, colour party, bungie jumping, bubble party and more.

Strand Festival

Held anually in Zamárdi, Strand Festival is huge music festival in Hungary.

As per tradition for these big music festivals, apart from Hungarian musicians, many international artists come to show their music to fans.

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival

O.Z.O.R.A. is a psychedelic trance and arts festival held every year in the village of Ozora in Hungary.

Since 2016, the festival brings in almost 60,000 people and froms one of the biggest psytrance community in the country.