Running tracks

If you prefer to exercise out in nature, Budapest has some beautiful running routes and outdoors ‘gym parks’ where you can train freely.

Margaret Island

This is the city’s most popular route that runs around the island. The track is mostly flat covered in tartan material for a better running experience regardless of weather. While running, you can enjoy the scenery of River Danube and the many trees and wildlife of the island.

City Park

Another favoured spot in the city is the City Park. Although, the park does not have a dedicated running track, you can find various routes throughout the area. If you want, you can take a lap around the whole park, or if you are more interested in a marvelous view, you should run in front of the Széchenyi Bath, Zoo or Vajdahunyad Castle.

You can also find a quite modest gym park inside equipped with chin-up bars and training sets.

People's Park

People’s Park has several running tracks with distances ranging from 2 to 10 km. It is well-kept and frequented by many runners in the city. Close to the tram station, it has a gym park with a number of different sports equipment including bars, a tai-chi wheel and more.

Orczy Garden

Close to the city centre, Orczy Garden is a beautiful park full of different activities to choose from. Apart from taking a nice stroll, you can exercise in its outdoors gym or run laps around its running track. And if you want some downtime after working out, you can visit the Hungarian Natural History Museum located inside the garden.