Nurseries and Kindergartens

Orchidea Kindergarten

Orchidea Kindergarten offers Hungarian and English education for kids in a spacious and welcoming environment. The Kindergarten puts emphasis on language acquisition and play-based learning rather than traditional foreign language classes.

Apart from learning, kids can enjoy various festivals, cultural events and field trips organizes by Orchidea.

If Orchidea turns out to be the best place for you kid, you will be happy to know that they also have a primary and secondary school.

Address 1: Budapest, Cserkesz utca 10, 1105
Address 2: Budapest, Hajdú utca 18-24, 1139


Apple Tree Kindergarten and Nursery

Apple Tree is an international kindergarten and nursery where children aged between 16 months to 6 years can get an all English education. The facility offers each class a native English speaker teachers, as well as, a Hungarian educator who is fluent in English.

The kindergarten can be easily accessed by car and public transportation, however, a bus service is available that transports children to the nursery from their homes (the prices have to be discussed with the transport company, as they can vary based on locations).

Outside the regular kindergarten activities, Apple Tree offers extra classes such as, judo, chess, folk dance, piano, cooking and more.

Address: Budapest, Trombitás út 11, 1026

Eszterlánc Hungarian-English Montessori Kindergarten and Toddler Group

Eszterlánc Kindergarten provides a relaxing and welcoming environment for children. They are learning in mixed-aged groups lead by Hungarian and English speaking teachers. The building is open on every weekday and after the regular routines, they can participate in extra activities such as singing, story telling, gardening and more.

The building also works as a nursery for children aged 1,5-3, where they are supervised by one Hungarian and one American teacher. They also help them in becoming more independent by teaching them how to get dressed, use the bathroom alone and more.

Address:  Budapest, Menyecske u. 14, 1112

English Garden Nursery and Pre-School

English Garden offers a high quality, English-style education baby daycare, nursery and pre-school for children. The building is located in the 8th disctrict very close to the city centre, however, a minibus service is available for an additional cost.

They believe that the best way to learn is to have hands-on experience in areas such as Mathematics, Physical development, Literacy and more.

Address: Budapest, Villám utca 25-27, 1089

Happy Kids International Kindergarten

Happy Kids is a kindergarten that puts high emphasis on respecting the culture of the host country and its multicultural community. 

The kindergarten follows a play-based learning method where the teachers can pass on the material through games and alter the experince individually to each child. 

Address: Budapest, Fodor u. 36, 1124

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