Theatres and Cinemas


Hungary, and especially Budapest, has a rich theatre culture with various theatres all over the city. Apart from the traditional pieces you can enjoy a variety of alternative and contemporary performances. Unfortunately, not every one of them have shows in English or with surtitles. Here is a list of those who do:

Erkel Theatre

Opened in 1911, Erkel is the largest theatre in the city. At first, it was named ‘the People’s Opera’ with the idea of taking the opera to the public at an affordable price. The planning was mainly funded by the Budapest city council, and as a result, they had to follows some rules, such as, showing plays only in Hungarian and always having a Hungarian company.

Today, you can watch various plays in their original language with Hungarian and English surtitles, so if you are into dramas and comedies, do not miss out on seeing one!

Address: Budapest, II. János Pál pápa tér 30, 1087


The situation of cinemas is somewhat similar to Hungarian theatres. We have a number of options to choose from, however, for non-Hungarians, the choices are limited. The following cinemas regularly show movies in English:

Cinema City Allee


Cinema City Aréna


Cinema City WestEnd