Coffeeshops and Teahouses

When you want to get coffee or have a cup of tea during the day, Budapest is a city that will not dissapoint you. Here you will find many coffeeshops and teahouses from more mainstream to historical ones.

Coffee chains

Budapest has many popular coffee chains when want to drink your coffee on-the-go, however, they have nice and welcoming coffeehouses where you can have a nice cup of coffee, meet up with friends or work on your papers.

Frei Café

Frei Café is a Hungarian coffeeshop founded in 2007 by two friends, Frei Tamás, a world traveler, Hungarian journalist and Langár Tamás, an economist and food business operator.

Today, Frei Café has established a franchise all over the country with unique coffee specialties with ideas brought back by Frei Tamás from his travels all around the globe.

California Coffee Company

The first California Café in Hungary was opened at Teréz körút in Budapest, and today, they have 6 California coffeeshops in the city.

California Coffee Company always aims to please its customers with new and exciting flavours and combinations.

Costa Coffee

The British company came to Hungary in 2009, and as of 2018, has 28 coffeeshops in the country.

Inside you will have the opportunity to try out their many different coffee specialties and enjoy a dessert or a sandwich on the side.


Starbucks is an American coffee company, that opened its first coffeehouse in Budapest, Hungary in 2010.

You can choose from a wide variety of coffees differing in size, intensity and flavour. They usually offer seasonal coffees that are available for a limited time.

Coffeehouses in Budapest

In case you are interested in the history of coffeehouses in Hungary, you might consider visiting one of the following classical coffeehouses of Budapest where the interior and menu are reminiscent of a past era.

Centrál Cafe

Opened in 1887, Centrál Cafe is a historic cafe and restaurant in Budapest.

During the 19th  and 20th century, Centrál was a popular locations for writers, poets and scientists where they edited their journals, poems and held meetings. 

Today, you can see pictures of these famous Hungarian figures on the walls of the coffee house, so pay a visit to Centrál while you are here!

Address: Budapest, Károlyi utca 9, 1053

New York Palace Café

New York Palace welcomed its first customers in 1894, and today, the café is part of the Palace Hotel alongside a restaurant and the Nyugat bar.

Throughout the 20th century, it was a popular meeting point for writers and editors. In fact, it was the home of many famous newspaper edits of the time.

The menu of the restaurant is reminiscent of the multicultural cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy with traditional dishes such as, the Beef Goulash or the Eszterházy cake.

Address: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11, 1073

Múzeum Café

Múzeum Café, near the Hungarian National Museum, operates in Budapest since 1885 .

As with most historical coffeehouses, it was a popular meeting point for the Hungarian literary world, where they edited their works and met up to talk about current events.

The menu of the café and restaurant honours the traditional Hungarian cuisine with a slight modernized twist.

Address:  Budapest, Múzeum krt. 12, 1088


Apart from the coffee, Budapest has a rich tea culture as well. Here are some examples of excellent teahouses you can find in the city.

Levél Teahouse

Located in the inner circle of Budapest, Levél Teahouse is the best place for you if you are a lover of puerh tea.

They offer a wide selection of Chinese tea with tradition in mind. So if you are interested in an authentic Chinese tea experince, go inside for a nice cup of tea.

Address: Budapest, Bihari János u. 17, 1055

Sirius Teahouse

Sirius Teahouse was made with creativity, comfort and hand-works in mind. Here you can choose from almost 80 different types of teas.

Inside, there is also opportunity for showing films and showcasing art exhibitions.

Address: Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 13, 1088

List of more coffeeshops and teahouses in Budapest