Activities for children

Entertaining children for a whole day is often not an easy job. You need to find a place that will hold their attention and they can enjoy. We have a few activities that you can try out:

Palace of Wonders and Center of Scientific Wonders

The Palace of ‘onders was founded 1993, with the idea to show of the scientific wonders of the world in a fun, easily understandable and spectacular way. Apart from the physics shows, they have expanded their wonders to educate people on biology, chemistry and geology.

The place offers you a whole day of fun and learning in an environment that is perfect for the whole family.

Address: Budapest, Bécsi út 38-44, 1036

Miniversum Budapest

Miniversum is a huge and extremely detailed model train course, with a 1:100 scale featuring Budapest’s many sights. Behind the course, you can see pictures of the scenes and compare them with the model. At certain points of the course, you can control the traffic and events in the background.

Apart from looking through the train course, you can enter the playhouse for free where you can put together simple and easy train courses to experience the joy of model making, or you can go on a behind the scenes tour during which trained guards show you the hidden secrets of the Miniversum.

Address: Budapest, Andrássy út 12, 1061


Budapest Puppet Theatre

Budapest Puppet Theatre is the oldest puppet theatre in Hungary, and the largest in Central-Europe. Their goal is to familiarise children with the genre and the theatre experience.

Today, you can enjoy a variety of different plays inside the theatre. There are even a few for adults if you are interested in more serious puppet shows. Though the plays are in Hungarian, they are easily understandable and clear without knowing the language as most of the stories are told visually.

The theatre hosts the BÁBU Puppet Festival since 2010, during which freelance and countryside companies can show off their performances in the capital.

Address: Budapest, Andrássy út 69, 1062



If you want to go sightseeing and sailing at the same time, Europe’s first floating bus is just for you. The tour starts out on dry land showing of famous places and buildings inside the city. Once nearing the Danube, the bus will slide into the water and sail in front of the Parliament, Margaret Island, the Royal Palace and the Chain Bridge.


Szemlő-hegyi Cave

The zoo is inside a big oak forest next to Bükk National Park, where you can see around 700 animals. Amongst them, there are ones typical to the forest, some exotic species and once domestic animals that are rarities now. The zoo is participating in international breeding programmes, giving a chance to animals to survive.

A pathway was also created to show off the natural state of the environment where the zoo is located.

Address: Budapest, Pusztaszeri út 35, 1025