Bookstores and Libraries


Libri is one of the biggest bookstores in Hungary with over 50 bookstores all over the country.

They offer a wide selection of books ranging from historic, fiction, non-fiction to hobby, lifestyle books and dictionaries. Apart from books in Hungarian, they provide booklovers with foreign language books, such as, English, German, Spanish and more.

Customers can request a Libri card to collect points after each purchase that they can redeem for discount every year.

Most Libri bookstores have a Cafe Frei inside, so if you want to have a nice cup of coffee while searching for a books, be sure to pay them a visit.


Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

The library, housed in a 19th century neo-baroque palace, is the largest library network in Budapest. At first, all books were situated there, but as their collection expanded, they acquired additional buildings. Today, many frequent the library, mostly students who are studying for their upcoming exams.

Visitors can also enter the library after registering at the front desk for a small fee, or you could ask in advance for a guided tour. For information on how to do that, check out their website.

If after your visit, you would like to drink some coffee, visit the libraries coffeeshop.

Address: Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 1, 1088