Parking in Budapest can be a hassle as there are a limited number of free parking spaces and it is rare to find them unoccupied. However, there are plenty of public parking spaces, parking garages and airport parking to choose from.

On-street parking

You can check out this map that shows the different parking zones with prices and open hours.

Do not forget to purchase a parking ticket from the nearest parking machine if you decide to park in the street.

Parking garages

If you are not comfortable leaving your car ‘out in the open’, you could look into one of Budapest’s many parking garages. They vary in sizes and prices so be sure to compare them before deciding.

Some examples:

Airport parking

You can also leave your car at the airport, although, if you plan on using it a lot, a parking garages would be cheaper. Any information you need could be found here.

Parking app


PARKL is a Hungarian mobile application with the purpose of facilitating finding a parking space inside the city.

Every parking space offered by the app are thoroughly verified and examined facilities with photos so you can make sure you leave your car in a safe spot.